Until recently, I’ve had a challenging time telling people about G42 because I knew one of the main questions I would be asked was: “Why?” The only answer I had for a long while was: “Because Jesus, my Lord need(ed) me to go.” (Luke 19:35) For some reasons, I felt like that answer was not enough and would not cut it for some people.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” 
-Simon Sinek

I’ve been calling Spain home for approximately two months now. The above answer still stands as my #1 reason why I am here. If you read my last blog post, God made it clear that G42 would have what I was looking for and needed. And ever since I got here, He’s been gradually showing me why He wants me at G42 for this season of my life.

You see the World Race rocked my world and forever changed my definition of church and mission work. Prior to my Race, I understood that “mission work” included the traditional going out to foreign countries, helping and loving the least of these with the love of Christ. And I did just that this past year. I’ve ministered and loved on young women and lady boys (trangensders) in the prostitution and human trafficking world in Thailand. I taught English to students in Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Thailand & Jordan. My team and I prayed over tons of people and saw them get healed.

However, I now know that “mission work” is so much more than these things. I now know that I did mission work when:

  • I smiled and hugged that random little girl in Mongolia who could not stop staring me because she’s never seen a black person in her entire life.
  • My squad and I took the time to get to know the cashiers at the grocery stores we regularly shopped at.
  • This coffeeshop worker invited part of our squad to spend time at her family’s house on the country side of Mongolia. We couldn’t work with out contacts anymore that month due to safety reasons. We ended up just doing life as usual and became friends with her and chose to pour into her.
  • We transformed a bar into a smoothie shop in Cambodia. We created a smoothie menu from scratch. We then served these smoothies days later to other racers during a revival.

Thus, I want to continue that. I want to continue to be a Christ representer. And I strongly long to create and be part of a something/community (domestic or international) that promotes and shares the Gospel. A community that also seeks to be like Jesus and encourage themselves and others to live by His word. A community that shares life together and takes actions (big or small) to create change in the world. A community where we love and serve others. A community that seeks to resembles and models the one described in the book of Acts.

Practically looking, I am not sure how this longing/dream/desire is going to look like yet. However, one thing I know for sure is that for me to achieve it, the work needs to start with myself first. And I am realizing more and more that God sent to G42 to be surrounded and taught by leaders from all over the world on how to live missionally (aka live and love like Christ) everywhere I go/everything I do.


You’re awesome for reading: thanxies so much!


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