World Race

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On September 2011, I started my dream career as an auditor in NYC. For a total of 5 years, I have had the chance to work with the best and brightest minds in the financial services world. Then, in December 2016, I decided to press pause for a year. I was presented with this opportunity to set aside all I thought that my life was about to and fully pursue the One who created me. He was giving me the chance to be His hands, feet and voice to people around the world who are desperate for even a glimmer of hope by doing something called the World Race.

The World Race is an 11-month mission trip where you get to go to 11 countries, 1 country per month. During my WR trip that I started on January 2017, I ended up traveling to 16 countries in the 10/40 window, the most unreached area in the world. My squad and I partnered up with churches and ministries in local communities to preach the Gospel, plant churches, work in orphanages, minister to women trapped in prostitution and human trafficking and bring restorative hope of the Father’s love to many tribes and nations. On the Race, I got the opportunity to let my light shine for Jesus in some of the darkest places of the world while being challenged and changed into the woman God desires me to be. It was one heck of an experience and journey!

And guess what?!?! I documented it all too! Check out the blog I maintained while on the Race. Should you have any questions, especially if you are thinking about pursuing/signing up for the Race, please feel free to reach out to me! I am happy to answer them and talk about my time on the Race.