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Hi everyone,

My name is Stephanie. I am 29 years young. I was born in NY and was raised in Haiti. When I was 17, I moved back to the States my senior year of high school. When I did, I got to call the state of Maryland home for six years. I graduated from Washington Adventist University with an Accounting and a Finance degree. I then moved to the “concrete jungle where dreams are made” to start my dream career in public accounting as an auditor. For 5 years, I had the honor of working alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the business world at two of the Big 4 accounting firms.

I quit my job in December 2016 to do this thing called the World Race. It was pretty amazing! Read more about it here. I currently reside in Mijas, Spain where I am attending a discipleship and leadership school called G42. Click here to find out more about it.

God blessed me with an amazing family. My parents really laid a solid foundation for me to develop a relationship with Christ. On my 25th birthday, I rededicated my life to Jesus and started to take our relationship seriously. Ever since then, He’s asked me to seek and allow Him to show me new things. He’s been slowly changing my way of thinking. Things I used to value and cherish, I don’t anymore. He’s steadily been replacing them with His heart’s desires for me. However, that journey has not been all peaches and cream…

Indeed, I’ve been broken and sad. I’ve had dreams that didn’t come true. I’ve been discouraged. Disappointed. Empty. Lost. I’ve been in lust. I’ve chosen to walk away from God countless of times. I’ve screamed out in anger (literally and through my actions) saying: “I don’t want You.” In His grace and mercy, He’s replied: “I do want you, your mess and all.” He wants to encourage and use me. He wants me to give me new dreams. For Him to do that and more, He wants me to keep seeking Him. He wants me to experience everlasting love, peace and to feel joy. He. Wants. Good. Things. For. Me.

So welcome and thank you for visiting my little online diary! I created this space to document and share this amazing crazy journey called life that I am on with Jesus. It is my sincere prayer and hope that each time we “x” out of this site, everyone including myself will leave completely a different person than we were before we logged in. I pray that we feel fully changed, transformed, encouraged and loved.

My heart is to see people come to the knowledge of Christ and experience the reckless love and joy that come with that. I seriously can’t fathom the thought of people missing out. He wants good things for all of us.

You’re awesome for reading: thanxies so much!!!!


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